Romantic dating idea

Spend a day in your hometown exploring like you’re tourists.

Have lunch at that cool bistro you’ve been meaning to try, visit that museum you never got around to visiting, and take your picture together next to a local landmark.

Sure, you’re supposed to be at the office, but doing something unexpected and calling in sick to spend the entire day with that special someone is a little bit naughty and very fun.

Order takeout, watch movies, and just enjoy each other’s company. Plan a sophisticated date at a swanky jazz club, get all dressed up, and sip fancy cocktails.

Visit your local animal shelter to hang out with puppies for day, to get that much-needed cute fix.

Or head to The Shelter Pet to sign up for opportunities to regularly walk dogs.

Not all romantic dates have to involve grand gestures, or a lot of money—they just require a little creativity.

Whether it’s the fancy Opera outing from “Pretty Woman” or spaghetti scene from”Lady and the Tramp” (a little cliché, but whatever works), try taking cues from movies you love.

This image released by 1993 Tri Star Pictures, Inc.

shows Meg Ryan as Annie Reed, left, Ross Malinger as Jonah Baldwin and Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin, right, in a scene from “Sleepless in Seattle,” a film written and directed by Nora Ephron.

Sometimes a little bit of a fun is just what the doctor ordered to get the romance started. When his hand is on red and your leg is on green, the sparks are sure to fly.

Even if you are just in your backyard, plan a picnic complete with a blanket and snacks, and spend the afternoon relaxing.

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