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To increase awareness of the discussion board, consider embedding it on one of your Intranet or departmental home pages.This will immediately bring any new discussions to the attention of your staff.If your announcement is date dependant (such as for a company event), you can set an expiry date that will force it to stop showing.

The Share Point Announcement List is a special type of list that lets you create an announcement with an expiry date.

The library grows organically by linking existing pages together or by creating links to new pages.

If a user finds a link to an uncreated page, he or she can follow the link and create the page.

You’ll receive an email message when your invoice is ready to be viewed and, if a purchase order (PO) number is entered when you buy your subscription, that number will be included in your invoice.

enterprise agreement customers (typically those who have 250 licenses) who want to purchase through volume licensing. Business, Business Essentials, and Business Premium plans each have a limit of 300 users, while the Enterprise plans are for an unlimited number of users.

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To present the announcements to staff you can place the Announcement List on the landing page of your Intranet.

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