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It is either legit or a scam, but in whichever way, I would not recommend it to transgender ladies.

I even reported a few guys for doing that and even though it is a free website, I don't think this site is worth it.

Personally I think users should consider legal action. Account says I am using wrong user name, password (which I'm not) but request for reset gets no response.

How can a business based on internet traffic have no way of customers getting tech support.

Shame on POF staff members for letting liars catfish women!!! MY ACCOUNT WAS COMPROMISED WHEN I LOST MY LAST PHONE.

THE FOLKS AT 8002520044 HACKED me, tried to extort money and a credit card number from me and continued to access my computer without consent and went places in my computer without knowledge as they would black out my screen till I shut off my computer. THE TECH AT YOUR 800 NUMBER FROM SOMEWHERE LIKE THE PHILIPPINES, CHINA OR SOMEWHERE USED AND MADE ME INSTALL THREE DIFFERENT PROGRAMS.

USA TODAY NEWSPAPER FOX NEWS POF is a dating site you should stay away from. My first problem is the fact that POF has different standards of what can be posted by males vs what can be posted by females.

I sent several emails to their "Help" department with no reply whatsoever. As soon as I made it clear via text that I wasn't into booty calls, guys would disappear. That's why Included her handle in this "**** I'm very allergic to cats, dumb******, and A-holes**** ....Tip for consumers: FOR TRANSGENDER GIRLS OR LADYBOYS USING THIS SITE: Please keep in mind that just because this guy sends you a like doesn't mean that he really likes you.Legit or not, some guys who are considered LGBT haters only do that so they can hurt you in any way after you try messaging them.I TOLD HIM I HAD A FREE ACCOUNT HE SAID I NEEDED TO PAY THAT. HE MADE ME GO TO TWO DIFFERENT EMAIL ACCOUNTS AND LOG IN WHILE HE WATCHED WHICH SHOWS HIM MY PASS CODES.I TOLD HIM I HAD SENSITIVE INFORMATION ON MY COMPUTER AND I USED TO WORK IN THE AREA OF LAW AND I DID NOT GIVE HIM PERMISSION TO BLACK OUT MY SCREEN.

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