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Bob went to the bar and made everyone vodka tonics. It was the best gay experience and orgasm of my life. Bob let Jeff’s cock fall from his mouth and said, “Oh, fuck Tony, your big fat cock is filling me up.”Bob went back to sucking Jeff, Jeff was sucking Bob and Tony was fucking Bob. She also saw how much pleasure he had that afternoon. From this day on I am in charge and you do what I say or the video goes viral.”“Yes dear, “Bob said weakly. Sue began spanking his cum crusted ass with the wooden paddle. He realized just how excited he was with the spanking she gave him.He joined the others on the couch and watched some porn as they sipped their drinks. I never even had to touch my little fellow to reach that incredible orgasm. Tony leaned over and started to suck on Jeff’s semi boner while he was playing with his own cock. Jeff was treated with a wonderful view of Tony’s big cock pounding in and out of Bob’s man cunt. He was also praying she would return and use other things on him from the sex toy wall.Sue repeated what she said earlier that starting now, she was in charge. I won’t stop you, but I hope you will let me be part of those affairs.

He showered and shaved and primped himself for a day of man sex.She held the glass to his lips and told him to drink his own cum. When he was finally able to speak he said, “I have been bisexual for years. I also know several of our male friends have fucked you.She held his nose until he swallowed the entire load of cum. I also suspect you are having affairs with men at your work.His cock sent rope after rope of thick juice into Bob’s eager mouth. He saw flashes of lightning behind his closed eyes as he exploded his own pent up cum through the hole onto the table and onto the floor.The force of Jeff’s cum blasting into his ass and Tony’s cock erupting in his mouth, pushed Bob over the edge. Bob swallowed repeatedly, to keep up with Tony’s plentiful load. Jeff pulled his fat cock out and saw a river of his cum leaking out of Bob’s man pussy.

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